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Sonja™ lets you read and write music — even if you don’t know how to read and write music!

***See below for an explanation of our new VIRTUAL ENSEMBLE FEATURE***

Sonja™ basics – Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  • Tap the screen to place a music note onto the music staff, and drag the note to the desired pitch. Add as many notes as you like.
  • You can also add notes using the built-in piano – even if you don’t know how to play the piano. Just slide your finger along the piano keys until you find the one you want. A note will be placed onto the screen only when you lift your finger off of the key.
  • After you have added some notes, press the Play button. Tap the screen at the moment that you want the note to be played, and keep your finger there for as long as you want the note to be played. Take turns tapping with two different fingers to play notes one right after the other.
  • Tap a note to hear it. To move a note, tap and hold the note for a bit, and then drag it around. Double-tap the screen to select one or more notes for editing. Double-tap the time index to control the metronome.
  • Add multiple tracks for different instruments or parts. Set track volume, color, etc. by double-tapping any track tab or by selecting Tracks from the menu.
  • Add audio tracks and make your own audio recordings.
  • Import music notes from MIDI and MusicXML files from around the web. Import audio files, too.

***NEW: VIRTUAL ENSEMBLE FEATURE*** – Now you can sing/play along with other Sonja™ users !!!

Here’s how it works:

  • Download a MIDI or MusicXML file from the web. Or create and share a Sonja™-format file with your friends.
  • Add audio tracks and make your own audio recordings.
  • Share your audio tracks with other Sonja™ users who downloaded the same song. Just select an audio track tab that you want to share, and then select “Share Audio Track” from the menu.
  • Go to the “Virtual Ensemble” tab to see a list of audio tracks shared by other users for the song. “Audition” and select any combination of shared audio tracks to form your own virtual ensemble.
  • During playback, sing/play along with the voices in your virtual ensemble!

Below are video tutorials explaining various Sonja™ features:

A quick overview

The interface

Adding notes

Adding notes using the piano

Setting notes during playback


Moving notes

Selecting notes

Making part of a song start sooner/later

Zooming and scrolling

Copying and pasting notes

Adding tracks

Track settings

Setting the metronome

Adding lyrics

Resetting notes

Transposing notes

Change note duration

Importing MIDI files

Importing audio files

14 Responses to Sonja™ Help

  1. Morris Griffin says:

    I really like this app and I think it could be even more useful with virtual midi and Audiobus support. To be able to trigger other app sounds and then record into other apps via Audiobus would be great. Please respond to whether this can or will be done in future updates. Thank you.

  2. Hali says:

    Is there an easier way to delete notes other than selecting them and selecting “cut”?

  3. Steven says:

    I am trying to use Sonja on IOS7 on an Ipad. The menu and playback buttons do not seem to work. Is this a problem for others? Thanks!

  4. Dan Swirsky says:

    Sonja™ and Sonja™ Classroom Edition are now both iOS7-compatible.

  5. Kiara says:

    Is there a way to print the sheet after composing the music?

    • Dan Swirsky says:

      Not at present. But Sonja is able to export a song to a MIDI file, which can then be printed using notation software like Finale, Sibelius, and others.

  6. Corine says:

    I’ve recorded voice audio along with my music. Midi export only exports instruments. Is there any way I can export these recordings, e.g. to WAV or MP3, so I can share them with people?

    • Dan Swirsky says:

      At present you may export a work as a MIDI file, which only exports the notation tracks, or as a Sonja file, which includes all notation and audio tracks. Sonja files may be shared with other Sonja users. We may include an audio-track export feature in a future version.

  7. Mark Moverman says:

    Loving this app. One really helpful feature would be if I could toggle between the current track page settings and turning all tracks off except for the one I’ve highlighted. It would also be good to be able to continuously control the playback speed.

    Have I missed something or is not possible to rename files?

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