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Help us make Sonja™ even better.  Let us know what works and what doesn’t, and what features and changes you would like to see.  We welcome your comments.

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  1. Ruben Dari says:


    I’m really interested in your app, does it have midi input? (virtual midi would be awesome!)

  2. We use the Volume Purchase Program for buying apps at my school. I like your free app but being able to export at least the audio file is very important so students can post their work in their digital portfolio. I see to export one must make an in app purchase. We can’t make in app purchases with the volume purchase program so my students won’t be able to export their files.

  3. Hello Your App has been rated as a Killer App by Apps4idevices
    Here’s the link to your App:

    Thanks again. Christèle

  4. Hi,

    The app is a super idea. Was looking for something similar since years. Wonderful!

    Here some improvement tips:
    Creating a song: wonderful to at first set the notes, and then nearly live the durations. Wonderful Idea. Issue: when you do not get it perfectly immediatly, the editing is currently quite nasty, because the important actions on edit do need to many tips on menues not well accessible.
    Eg. Align, should align e.g. to quarter scores with no gap by default. Then you can easily change the few notes wich are off this default scheme.

    In any way aligning a note and setting its duration hast to be very easy just by aging it after selecting it. Currently it’s either transpose (which is good) or edit duration, which is bad. At first it’s thel lat menu item and should be the first, since you do copy and paste more rarely than editing a duration.

    What about this behavior:
    Double tap to select a score to make it editable and double tap again to be leave the editing mode. In editing you can transpose by dragging it and you show the symbols for editi duration at the same time. After editing the duration snapping to the grid, it should not exit the edit mode, since you may edit both ends of the scores duration immediately. Only with double tab you leave the editing of the score.

    So you will be much closer to be a real killer app.
    You can pay me later for this vulnerable hints 😉

    Good work up to now!
    Continue and let me know about the progress.
    Do you need investors?

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Dan Swirsky says:

      Thank you for your suggestions. We are currently working on a “Virtual Ensemble” feature that will let users share their audio tracks within Sonja™ and then sing or play along with other Sonja™ users. Inventors are welcome!

  5. Tom says:


    Great app!! I am trying to change the metronome tempo but it’s hard to find how. Could you tell me how to do this?
    Also, one suggestion for an additional feature would be pitch detection for vocally inputting notes.

    Thanks again!

  6. Mark Moverman says:

    It’s me again. I continue to love this app as a choir rehearsal tool. The other night, I told a fellow singer that it might be worth it to him to buy an iPad specifically so that he can use Sonja. By definition, that it makes it a true “killer app.”

    So since my last comment, I’ve come up with a few questions and suggestions:

    Is it possible to import a midi file and append it to another file rather than overlaying it?
    Is it possible to lock/unlock tracks?
    Is it possible to select all of the tracks at the same time for the purpose of transposing?
    When transposing, I see that for the particular note that I’m dragging, if I approach a tone from above, the note is labeled as a flat and from below a sharp. But all of the other notes in the track retain whatever attribute (sharps or flats) they started with. It would be helpful for the user to have all of the notes in the track the acquire the same accidentals as the note being dragged so as to set a key signature. Naturally there would be many fewer notes that would have to be moved manually afterwards.

    Again thanks so much for making Sonja!

  7. Linda says:

    I have purchased the Sonja app version 2.1 from the App Store but cannot see how to import MIDI files. I was expecting an in-app purchase for this purpose to be available. Please help!

    • Dan Swirsky says:

      Thank you for your purchase. To import a MIDI/MusicXML/audio file,

      1) Go to the application with which the file is already associated (e.g., Dropbox), select the file within that application, find that application’s share/export/open-in button, and then select Sonja.

      – or –

      2) If you have an internet address of a file, select Downloads… from the Sonja menu and then paste or type the address into the box. Note that some addresses (such as Dropbox links) cannot be imported this way, in which case use method 1 above.

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