Sonja™ 2.0 with “Virtual Ensemble” is now available!

I am pleased to announce that Sonja™ version 2.0 for the iPad is now available on the Apple iTunes app store. Our new “Virtual Ensemble” feature lets Sonja™ users sing along with each other.

Anyone who downloads a particular MIDI or MusicXML file from any web site into Sonja™, or shares a Sonja™ file with other Sonja™ users, may record themselves singing any part and then, with the press of a button, share their performance with other Sonja™ users who downloaded the same file. A “Virtual Ensemble” tab provides a list of shared user performances available for that composition, which the user may then “audition” and select for the user’s own virtual ensemble. During playback, the user may sing along with the voices in the user’s virtual ensemble.

Sonja™ is now completely free.


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Great Reviews for Sonja™ !

Sonja™ was rated as a “Killer App” by Apps4idevices !!!

Read the review here

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Sonja™ – Classroom Edition is now available!

Specially adapted for the volume purchase program.

The import/export feature that is available for purchase in our free Sonja™ app is built into Sonja™ – Classroom Edition to accommodate schools that purchase apps through the Volume Purchase Program. Sonja™ – Classroom Edition includes all of the features of our free Sonja™ app.


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Announcing Sonja™!

Sonja™ is a tablet-based app for singers, songwriters, and musicians.


Sonja™ for importing and playing music notes

Sonja™ is designed to help singers and musicians of any music reading level learn and practice music.  Simply import a Sonja™-format file or a MIDI file, and the notes of each part are displayed in a separate tab on a music staff in what is called a notation track, where each notation track may be assigned a different instrument. The user practices his/her part by selecting the desired tab, while the notes of the notation tracks in the other tabs may be viewed transparently in the background or hidden, and their volume lowered or muted. When the user has learned his/her part, the user can mute his/her part and perform along with the other parts.

Sonja™ differs from other sheet-music or MIDI players in that it uses non-standard, visually-intuitive notation that is designed for singers and musicians who cannot read music well or at all, while acquainting users with the music staff, note timing and duration, and other basic music concepts.

Sonja™ for importing and recording audio tracks

Sonja™ also allows users to import or record one or more audio tracks, such as of instrumental accompaniment or singing, that may be played in sync with the notation tracks.

Sonja™ for notating music

Sonja™ also lets amateur songwriters easily notate and edit music, especially if they have little or no knowledge of music theory or notation. Notation is done in a two-step process. First, the user uses his/her finger to place notes on a music staff and move notes to the desired pitch. Note strike times and durations are separately set during a playback mode, where notes scroll from right to left past a cursor that acts as a time index for the song. Pressing a virtual “space” bar at a particular time index sets the strike time for the next note, while continuing to press the bar increases the note’s duration. Multiple notation tracks may be created for separate instruments or voices, each under a separate tab. Music may be saved in a Sonja™-format file or exported to a MIDI file.

Check out our Help page for brief video tutorials demonstrating various Sonja™ features.

Dan Swirsky
Choir Pro Software

Looking for ChoirMaster? Our proof-of-concept ChoirMaster is no longer available. However, many of ChoirMaster’s core concepts have been incorporated into Sonja™.

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